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We Wish You and Your Family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

During this holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible and those who are less fortunate.
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Location is being overrated in real estate.

Location is being overrated in real estate. I talked with so many investors, attended a few seminars and found out that most of these individuals do not have a clear understand of the meaning of location in real estate. It is not the neighborhood with the nice homes, tree line streets and where the ice cream truck love to pass on Sunday afternoon. It is also not the neighborhood that residents scare to walk home after certain hour of the day. It is the place that can produce maximum return on your investment. Does it matter if there is high crime in a neighborhood? Of course, it is matter because we want people to be safe, but it does not have anything to do with investment. For instance, investor A bought a property for Sixty Thousand Dollars in neighborhood A where crime rate is high with a return of $300 monthly profit while investor B bought a property for $100, 000 dollars in neighborhood B with a rate of return of $150 dollars monthly. Both of them have long-term tenants. Which is a better investment? Throughout my time in real estate, I have turned many building around to produce positive cash flow for my investors, but I have never moved a building to another location to find good tenants. At HomeSnipe Real Estate, we have a positive relationship with our tenants and investors to produce a win-win situation for all. We don’t just say we care, we show it.

Happy New Year!


From All of Us  Here at HomeSnipe Real Estate,

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Happy Thanksgiving!


From All of Us at HomeSnipe Real Estate,
Wishing You and Yours A Happy, Warm and Safe Thanksgiving.

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The Allentown Waterfront is moving along!

The Waterfront Renderings 1
The City of Allentown seems to be working collaboratively with the Waterfront Redevelopment Partners to redevelop the former Lehigh Structural Steel into a mixed use of office buildings, apartments, stores and restaurants. We keep track of the local market for our investors. Read the full article here: http://articles.mcall.com/2012-12-11/news/mc-allentown-waterfront-development-lehigh-river-20121211_1_dunn-twiggar-lss-realty-neighborhood-improvement-zone

Tour of rental home ends with meth lab discovery | Springfield News-Leader | news-leader.com

Did you know that landlords are responsible to clean up any med lab found in the property? http://www.news-leader.com/article/20130914/NEWS12/309140014/meth-lab-rental-house-Willard-Gourley?odyssey=nav|head&nclick_check=1

Our commitments to you!

It will be our pleasure to take care of your investment properties for you.   We provide an enjoyable atmosphere for our tenants while we work with our investors to help them  to maximize their rate of return on their investments.Should you require our services,  please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Compliments of Our Garden!

DSCN1152 Denise and I really enjoy working in our garden, we’ve learned and still are learning so much about gardening, but what we are enjoying the most is reaping the benefits of our investment- fresh and delicious vegetables. Thinking about investing in real estate, call us today so we can show you how you can reap bountifully the benefits of your hardwork and investment.

Price Does Not Always Matter in Buying Investment Property!

Price is not always a factor in buying an investment property as in primary residential. It is astonishing to me that many buyers usually call to find out the price of the property, but not one of them wants to know how much profit they can make from buying the property for investment. It does not matter how much you buy the property if you have a negative net income. I am not saying that you cannot have a negative balance, but you need to know that going in and have a strategy in place on how you are going to turn things around quickly to provide a positive return. It may be that you need to change the flooring, interior and exterior paint, and spruce up the landscaping to enhance the curb appeal.

Feel free to call or email us to discuss how we can manage your property for you or learn how to invest in real estate.


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